I started doing LTCs & Artist Trading Cards in August of 2008.

I hand carve rubber stamps and some of my cards will use images from those. I am a beginner in watercolor arts and some other media. All of my cards are handmade. They are not "prints".
My original watercolors are here at Art In Hand.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A crapper by any other name....

This time I chose to do something different.
This stamp is by Mama Fox (my buddy...my pal). She allowed me to make LTCs with the understanding that of course that....no matter how I decided to decorate the outhouse on the cards....she gets one of them. LOL
Well... I decided to do each one of them different. They are each painted and/or drawn on differently to give it a unique setting. One has a cornfield in the background... one a moonshine still.... mostly mountains and hills and trees.... but then I just knew I had to do something special for Mama Fox.... and then at about 2am.... I got it.... a FOX. Well, duh! Right? LOL So although each card is different here is "The Fox and the One Holer"

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