I started doing LTCs & Artist Trading Cards in August of 2008.

I hand carve rubber stamps and some of my cards will use images from those. I am a beginner in watercolor arts and some other media. All of my cards are handmade. They are not "prints".
My original watercolors are here at Art In Hand.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ancestry: Cohorts (5 layers)

This image is of my maternal grandpa William Jessero Ramsey or simply "Jess" and his cohort.
The image is 5 layers of hand carved stamps. Each color represents a different layer or stamp. The whitish streaks you see on or over the image is a reflection from the scanner lights reflecting on the glossy artist medium brushed over the entire image. I used the medium to leave deliberate brush marks and texture over the stamped image. Go to the listing at AQ to read a little about Jess the moonshiner...the man I will never stop missing... and my memories of him.


Hendel D'bu said...

This is absolutely stunning - incredible. Thanks for posting it for all to enjoy, my friend. :-)

Bobguyman said...

I am once again blown away at your amazing work! Very nice =D


Mandy said...