I started doing LTCs & Artist Trading Cards in August of 2008.

I hand carve rubber stamps and some of my cards will use images from those. I am a beginner in watercolor arts and some other media. All of my cards are handmade. They are not "prints".
My original watercolors are here at Art In Hand.

Friday, March 6, 2009

4 layers!

This was tough...
still not as hard as my precise 3 layer Obama in Color image but very tough!
This image and card was done for the LOST swap I hosted recently.
The image is based on the Season 3 episode called "Everyman for Himself". It is kinda hard to see the lightest layer in this scanned image but it's a bit more vivid in the originals


Knit Wit said...

Dixie, that's crazy good! I love it!

Hendel D'bu said...

Wow - great job! I sure like the ink colors you chose. I love the layered technique, but it sure uses up a lot of carving material, huh? :-)

Ari C'rona said...

Well done, Dixie! I have yet to try the layering - hope my results are a satisfying as yours! :o)

DIXIE said...

Thank you for the compliments :)
Yes, it takes lots of rubber to do the layers...
but i am kinda addicted to it.
This was my first 4 layer... and may be my last. LOL