I started doing LTCs & Artist Trading Cards in August of 2008.

I hand carve rubber stamps and some of my cards will use images from those. I am a beginner in watercolor arts and some other media. All of my cards are handmade. They are not "prints".
My original watercolors are here at Art In Hand.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This Little Light of Mine

Let it Free & Pass it On!

created for the This Little Light of Mine swap
where each person was to "let their light shine"

The back of this art card reads:
When I feel my best is when I see something in my kids that I have helped them through or something helpful I have passed on to them. My light shines best in them and when i can give to others... even if it's just a laugh I gave.


Draygonflies said...

Breathtaking. Dixie you are a light unto the world. Your cards, your art are so beautiful. I am positive that they are a reflection of your spirit.

Thank you for sharing!

DIXIE said...

How sweet. You always have a wonderful way about you yourself ya know...? always making me feel good by little things you say that really mean more than you know. Thank you

Future Libraian said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I love the imagery and your words. Thank you for inspiring me!